We generate high-intent
leads for businesses with a
pay-per-lead model.
We acquire traffic on social media
Thanks to our expertise we are able to cherry-pick the right target in a 2 billions users pool
We funnel users to our own engagement tools
As soon as our users are hooked by our ads, they are brought to one of our 6 engagement tools
We activate them
We got their attention, and we can't fail them. Our data-driven content team knows the words we have to leverage in order to hook our target
We engage them
We increase users' intent by allowing them to tell us their specific need
We capture leads
They're ready. They want to know what your brand can do for them. It's time to collect their data
We send them to your CRM
The deal is closed. Now it's your turn; we're sure you will be your target best choice
As soon as we capture a lead, we automatically update our historical data.
Our technology and approach makes it possible for our model to optimize itself, so that we're able to deliver huge scale volumes while we keep increasing our leads quality.
Automatic audience exclusion
BI and in-depth action oriented reports
Behavioral custom audiences
Audience targeting optimization
Leads on demand...
High-converting unique leads at prices with no surprises
Massive volume at a steady high quality the snap of a finger
We sit side by side with your marketing and sales departments
We set things up and we are ready to go in a week or less, no technical involvement on your side
You only pay the leads you receive, we take care of everything else
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Spinup S.r.l. a Socio Unico
Società soggetta a Direzione e Coordinamento di Cloud Care TOPCO Ltd.
Sede legale Via Medina, 40 - 80133 Napoli
+39 081 3937990
P.IVA: IT08542331213, n. REA 966344
Capitale Sociale: 100.000€ i.v.
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